Who is The Music Interactive?


Seeing an increase of projection systems and interactive whiteboards (SmartBoard, Prometheus, etc,) in many classrooms including music, teachers Craig Gonci and

Marc Jacoby have created The Music Interactive web site as a vehicle to distribute music learning activities and games that cover a broad range of uses in both classroom and performance based environments.


Choose from pitch and rhythm recognition games like Krank and Lucy, JamaMambo, or StaffWars, composition activities with BoomWhackers or MyJamz, or Recorder, with 13 songs that have the option of light up notes, interactive fingering chart and fingering worksheet.


For performance apps, check out the Sheddin’ the Basics series, Jazz Piano or Latin Jazz, that provide customizable practice tools. Or iShed, software for beginning improvisation practice including preset or user-created patterns that can be transposed in eight different ways.


Soon we’ll have a Blogs and QuickTips section that will cover topics to help you better integrate technology into your teaching and classroom activities. Stay in touch with current trends, product reviews, and tips for using technology more efficiently.


How do I download the free programs?


Downloading the free apps is easy. Simply click on your disk icon for the app you want. This will point you to our download section. Fill out the registration data or click “Login” if you have registered with us before. Registration helps us keep track of our downloads, and allows us to contact you to tell you about updates and new materials.

Downloads range from small 2MB files up to larger 100MB files. Download times will depend on your internet connection speed and can vary.


TMI free apps are covered by the Creative Commons license.

See creativecommons.org for more information on this copyright designation.


Are iOS and Google Play Apps Free As Well?

Our games found on Apple App Store and Google Play are all .99$ each.